Jeffrey Jones

Jeff Head Shot

Jeff is the owner of V3 CrossFit. He has been a competitive athlete his entire life, including playing both NCAA Water Polo and Football while attending Santa Clara University, and playing 12 years of competitive Rugby during college, law school and thereafter. He began weight lifting at the age of 14 after his high school’s varsity football coach told him to “put on 50 pounds and then come and talk to [him]”. He took the front forks from his bike, bolted them to the wall of his barn and lifted hay bales. He has had a passion for weight training ever since.

Jeff looks forward to the next chapter in his professional life premised on CrossFit. He is committed to creating an environment focusing on the individual needs of his athletes to excel no matter their age, fitness level or athletic background. He has come to realize that Cross Functional Training has something to offer all ages and skill types. Jeff himself is 57 years old but doesn’t feel it or act it! Jeff holds his CrossFit Level I Trainer Certificate. V3 CrossFit’s fundamentals are premised on core, volume and skill development.

Brian Harrison

Brian Harrison is a well-known face around the gym and holds a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Strongman and CrossFit Powerlifting Certificates.

“Well for me this is how it started; for years I had a long bout with drug addiction. In 2005 I lost my dad and I accepted Jesus into my heart (busy year) so, I shed all the drugs and partying days. From that point on I started to gain a little weight. Year after year I was putting more on and getting out of shape. So I stepped into the gym, got in shape and thought I was fit. It wasn’t until 2013 at a party that I ran into friends wearing CrossFit shirts. I asked them about it and was invited to work out the next day. Both my wife, Lia and I went, and it was brutal. The workout was three rounds of heavy deadlifts, push presses, box jumps, and clean and jerks. I actually had no idea what half that stuff was. Needless to say, I couldn’t even finish the workout! So much for being fit– but this was the moment that I became hooked. V3 has become my second home, the coaches are great and have put in a lot of time and dedication to their craft. I thank them for all their time, love and support. There have been so many workouts since the first day. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life right now and there’s still more to come. At age 45 I’m doing things and I couldn’t even do when I was in my 20’s, I feel great! I’m physically strong and most of all I’m mentally strong, and it has given me confidence and well-being. As a CrossFit athlete and now a coach, I am truly blessed with all the people that surrounded me. It is such a blessing to see everybody grow and get better, stronger. CrossFit is more than just a sport, I truly have found a family!

Melanie Hutton


“My journey with CrossFit started back in 2012. I quickly found the intense and constantly varied workouts an exciting and welcome change from the boring routine at my regular gym. Since starting CrossFit, not only has my endurance, stamina and overall performance improved, but also my mindset, mental focus and confidence. I am stronger than ever! As a coach, I aspire to connect with each member in a way that motivates and excites them to perform at their highest level. I like helping members set their goals and chase them, celebrate their accomplishments and overcome their setbacks. When I’m not at CrossFit, I like cycling, trail running, hiking, snowboarding, volleyball and yoga.”

Kevin Renkert


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